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Dedicated Teams

Let's share our best attributes and make an amazing work together!

If you are interest in bring a team that you can manage for a specific type of project, then InterGraphicDESIGNS provides you the best way to do it with the right cost in operation and with the best team of experience and knowledge.

Become one of our partners and give us the opportunity to share our experience with you and your company, integrating the best of web development and design together in one unique and creative way.

Web Dedicated Teams in Costa Rica

Range of services

If your projects are complex, involve multiple types of technologies and spans over considerable amount of time, we build a dedicated team consisting of developers, designers and project managers. We guarantee that the team will be devoted strictly to your project.

Agile Dedicated

The InterGraphicDESIGNS team is used to work under agile methodologies, so if you want iterative planning and development, early identification and minimization of risk closely involve in daily basis; then we can give you all that in one team.

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