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Omnichannel Banking

Additionally, we are Safeway trade representatives. Safeway is a software product developed to prevent online fraud through one and two factor authentication mechanisms such as Hard Tokens, mobile applications used like Soft Token, coordinate cards, digital signature and more.

  • Safeway is the security platform that will allow you to incorporate robust and centralized authentication in all your systems, for people and software and hardware platforms.
  • With Safeway you can incorporate the use of digital certificates, OTP's, coordinate cards and more, all this in your Internet or Intranet systems.
  • Will allow you to internally audit all activity

Manentia Software (Uruguay) and IntergraphicDESIGNS (Costa Rica) have more than 12 years of experience in the Latin American market.

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We are Manentia Software sales representatives in Costa Rica and Panama.

Internet Banking

Nazca Virtual Banking
Manentia Software specializes in the profitability of omnichannel banking such as Internet Banking and Mobile Banking through its product Nazca Virtual Banking, which offers:

  • Complete multi-channel and multi-segment functionality
  • Optimal user experience
  • Strategic analysis and focus on your business objectives
  • Training and mentoring for your HR
  • Security tools
  • Cutting-edge technology
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